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Following completion of his medical degree at Cairo University Medical School in Egypt, Prof. Mohamed Mohi Eldin completed his internship, neurosurgery residency at Cairo University Hospital, and in pediatric neurosurgery Hospital. Upon completion of his training, Prof. Mohamed rose to become Ass. Professor, then Professor of neurosurgery at Cairo University Medical School and Chairman of Neulological Surgery at Naser Institute. Then in 2002, he made the decision to move all his attention to the spine part of his profession and established his current academic & clinical practice. However, the most formative part of Prof. Mohamed’s practice was his introduction of the Minimally Invasive Spine philosophy in the spine practice & decision making in Egypt. Dr. Mohamed is considered one of the leaders in the field of minimally invasive spinal procedures in the middle east. Prof. Mohamed is teaching his associates & trainees the philosophy, indications & techniques.

Prof.  Mohamed Mohi Eldin has had a highly distinguished career in the spine field and is respected worldwide for his contributions to improving the treatment of patients with spinal disorders.

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Currently, Prof. Mohamed Mohi Eldin is the Chairman of Neulological Surgery at Naser Institute. in Cairo and Clinical Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Cairo, Egypt.

Prof. Mohamed is an active member of many national and international professional organizations. A prolific researcher and author, Prof. Mohamed has published many articles and has edited two books. Further, Prof. Mohamed has traveled and presented his research at several meetings world-wide. He introduced the name (VIRTUAL CATHETER DISCCOMY) under his name for the first time in the literature & in the medical histort. While Prof. Mohamed’s medical accomplishments are outstanding, it is his integrity and compassion that is often most commented on by his patients.

Professor Mohamed resides in Giza, Egypt with his wife & childern.

Click to see a listing of publications by Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin.



Executive Committee Member of:

  • Egyptian Universities Promotion Committees (EUPC), Egyptian accreditation council for assigning Neurosurgery University staffs, since March 2013 till now,
  • Neurospine Group of ESNS, (, 2006 till now,
  • Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons, ESNS (, 2009 till now,
  • Pan Arab Minimally Invasive Spine Society, PAMISS, (, Jan 2009 till now,
  • Middle East Spine Society, ME-Spine, (, Jan 2011 till now.


Referee committee Member of:

  • Egyptian Universities Promotion Committees (EUPC), Egyptian accreditation council for assigning Neurosurgery University staffs, since 2008 till now,
  • Medical Journal of Cairo University, since 2010 till now,
  • Neurology India  Journal, since 2005 till now,
  • Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice (JNRP), since 2009 till now,
  • Journal of Bioactive and Compatible Polymers (JBCP), since 2009 till now,
  • Indian Journal of Orthopaedics (IJOrtho), since 2009 till now

Member of the Editorial Board of:

  • Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice (JNRP), since 2009 till now

Faculty Member of:

  • The Turkey Congress of the International Society for Minimal Intervention in Spinal Surgery (ISMISS Turkey Congress)
  • The Middle East Spine Society Conference


Member of

  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), USA
  • Association for Medical Ethics (AME), previously known as Association for Ethical Spine Surgeons (AESS), USA
  • AO Spine (Middle East)
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS)
  • Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons, (ESNS)
  • The Egyptian Spinal Society
  • Member of Neurosurgical Society of Australasia (NSA), Australaia


Chief Director & Supervisor of the Neurosurgery Department of:

  • Naser Institute Hospital, Specialized Medical Centers, Ministry of Health & Population (10-2012 till now)
  • Faculty of Medicine, Fayoum University (2007-2008)
  • Faculty of Physical Thearpy, Cairo University (2003-2006)
  • Neurosurgery Section of School of Nursing, Cairo University (2002-2003)

Establishment of:

  • Minimally Invasive Spine Unit, Neurosurgery Department, Naser Institute Hospital, Specialized Medical Centers, Ministry of Health & Population, Cairo, Egypt.
  • The Formal Pan Arab Minimally Invsive Spine Society, starting bipolarly in Egypt and Kuwait as reference countries (
  • The Formal Department of Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, Fayoum University, (2007-2008).



  1. Teaching of doctoral medical students:  as part of the teaching team responsible for courses given in the department of neurosurgery, Cairo University.
  2. Teaching of graduate medical students:  as part of the teaching team responsible for courses given in the faculty of medicine, Cairo University.
  3. Thesis supervision in research protocols,
  4. Teaching of residents of neurosurgery:  in clinical settings & in continuing education courses in the department of neurosurgery, Cairo University.
  5. Teaching of postgraduate nursing students (2002-2003): as a consultant responsible for course of neurosurgery given in Kasr El Aini School of Nursing, Cairo University.
  6. Teaching of graduate physical therapy students (2003-2006): as a consultant responsible for course of neurosurgery given in the faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University.
  7. Preparing a group of young generations trained in the field of minimally invasive spine procedures.

Supervising Master and Doctorate Degrees Theses in Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery (including minimally invasive and new techniques):

My Books:

 An Introduction To NeurosurgeryFor Undergraduates of Faculty Of Physical Therapy (4th Year),

editions 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Introductory Manual of Neurosurgical Procedures For Postgraduate physical therapy students, 2005-2006.



 Neurosurgery consultant in: 

Cairo University Hospitals: 

*   Kasr El Aini Hospital,

*   Specialized Kasr El Aini Hospital,

*   New Educational Kasr El Aini Hospital,

*   Abo El Reesh Children’s Hospital

The Hospitals of the Treating Medical Foundation in Cairo:

*   Al Helal Hospital



28 thoughts on “PROF. Dr. Mohamed Mohi Eldin أ.د. محمد محيي الدين

  1. Assalam alaikum, I am a Nigerian suffering from a severe lower back pain which my doctor advised for a spine surgery. I will like to have the surgery in your hospita. Am requesting for the procedure, and cost of the surgery

  2. my dear doctor hello i read about you im radiologist in syria my brother suffering from cervical spine compression related to multi disc herniation in cervical column so are you interested in this cases and you operate this cases anterior approach or postrior pleas give me your opinion many thanks .

  3. asalmo alikom my son 34old have MS have you any advice for this case inbegining thank u very much my email eng_bakir@hotmail 10-1-2013

  4. my fiance has a spine injury from lifting weights in the gym..he has seen many doctors and had exrays..hes has much pain in his lower it possible he will need surgery??

  5. Salam Professor Mohamed
    I am Dr Hassan Elmansoury a general surgeon in the state of New Jersey, USA. I came to Egypt 2011 after the revolution and worked with my colleagues at Nasser institute.
    What I am writing to you is personal, my sister Sohair who lives in Alexandria has destructive lesion D7 to D10 which by PET scan is non malignant. She did have recently a Rt hemicolectomy for CA.
    She is suffering greatly from back pain and I have seen her MRI and wondered if she can be a candidate for balloon kyphoplasy
    Please reply to email and if you think you can help her son can send you her investigations and bring her to Cairo
    Thank you
    Hassan Elmansoury MD

  6. Hello Mohammed mohi eldin. My 5 month old son has brain trauma and my husband Mahmoud Ibrahim and I are trying to see what really happened. My husband has been falsely accused in the united states here. And I am trying to get any help possible. Because I believe this o curance could be a natural cause or it happened at daycare 5 days prior. My husband is a great Egyptian man who wasa previous sky Marshall and are seeking help. Please.

  7. I’m from child is suffering from breathing dr advice me to see a neorology pediatric doctor in cairo. What am I suppose to do to get the invitation ?

  8. dr Mohamed I have lower back pain neck pain and mid back pain for more than three years now i was a body builder begin early at 17 years old pushed my self to hard the pain started in the lower back and then along the spine its a muscle problem that has been neglected for years all MRI done didn’t show any abnormalities but every doctor looks at the MRI his own way neurosurgeon said no need for surgery but requested EMG for both upper limps that found inflammation in the nerve and he said he can’t do anything about it again EMG also where inconclusive other doctors said you have nothing wrong and started me on painkillers, antidepressants, lyrica that didn’t make the pain go away my muscles are always tight and fatigued not responding to exercise respond to little low wait exercise but after a few hours it come back to its fatigue state this state is worse when getting up from sleep other treatments I have done other than pills 1-ART techniques 2-acupuncture 3-mesotherapy 4-prolotherapy (decreased muscle spasm decreased pain decreased fatigue also I did two sessions for mid back and one for mid and neck its( dextorose prolothrapy ) need your opinion about this case and what is your approach thanks

  9. My 74 year old aunt MRI shows a Tarlov cyst SV2 , she has pain sitting sleeping and walking. What are her treatment options

  10. Hello Sir, Prof. Mohammed
    I am a 35 yrs, a Medical Board Resident, from Yemen ..
    I have had a multiple cervical discs prolapse.. mostly C5-6 and C6-7..
    I also have had a history of median Sternotomy at age of 9yrs (26 years ago) for ASD 2nd type age 10 heavy object (a door) had fallen on my head and whole body while I was writing homework.. I am performing will since that time except for slight neck pain that I deal with by wrong methods.. like tilting neck with force..
    Later on, a deformity start to occur in my sternum and more projection at middle part 3rd & 4th sternocostal junction.. with depressed sternum beyond that area..
    I have an MRI .. and adviced to undergo a surgery..

    I am asking if there is relation between sternal deformity and cervical disc prolapse since I experience pain releive when I put a bellow under my sternum at lying prone..

  11. Good Evening Doctor,
    We live in USA my sister is 27 year old she is been having disabling lower back pain from herniation and degenerative disc, she can’t seat or stand for much time. She had a microdiscetomy from 5 month she was feeling little better but now the pain is back did an MRI last week found scar tissue and severe disc degeneration, is there is any way I can send you her MRI and if you think there is a solution for her pain we can come to Egypt so she becomes your patient.
    Thank you

  12. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my problem. You’re incredible! Thanks!

  13. السلام عليكم
    كيف حالكم دكتور ان شاء الله بخير
    انا من العراق
    لدي مشكلة في العمود الفقري

    ممكن ارسل التقرير لبيان رايكم
    مع الشكر والتقدير
    د صباح معن

  14. Actually,doctor,I’m fascinated with your work and I’m wondering if it is POSSIBLE For a dentistry student to become someone like you?

  15. DEAR ,DR
    i did MRI and it showed herniated disc between c6 and c7 and spondylosis ,i did physiotherapy but still no improvement

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