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Mohamed Mohi Eldin

Professor of Neurosurgery


Office: Department of Neurosurgery, Cairo University Hospitals,

Kasr El Aini, Cairo, Egypt.
Clinic: Arayes Buildings No.1, Sudan st., at the end of Ahmed Oraby St.,

Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.
Telephones: Cell 00201223403690, Clinic 0020233022907

Email:, or 


Web Blog:


youtube channel



Spine Academy



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Letters of Reference File is available upon request from:

Staff Career Administration,

Faculty of Medicine,

Cairo University

Cairo, Egypt.


23 thoughts on “CONTACT US اتصل بنا

  1. hello Dr Mohamed
    I congratulateyou for this nice website , I also take the chance thank you for your nice company and hospitality during our Egypt trip during the AFNS at sham Elshiekh , I also express my deep interest in the panarab mis society for the spine , thank you and be in contact .

  2. Hello ya Dr Mohi , how are u hope u are doing fine . I wanna say that your web site is amazing ya doctor , keep the good work up .

  3. Dear Dr Mohamed,hope u r doin fyne. My mother recently had an injury in her spine while performing hajj and she was scheduled to have a surgery to correct the slip discs on her L5 & S1 last month but couldnt make it back to saudi arabia. We have now decided to come to Egypt for the surgery. If u are available pl let me know so that i can send u the MRI report and can arrange wen to meet u. I’ll b expecting ur reply. Thank you

  4. Mohamed, I have read what you the remarkable doctor! You treat people – do their happy. I very much want, that you were healthy and happy, that you loved and loved you! Nadezda

  5. Just on time, came accross your web site, please how can i book an appointment ?

  6. انا عندى كسر قديم فى العمود الفقرى سنة 90 وتم تثبيته بجامعة اسيوط وبعد ثلاثة اشهر بدات الحركه والتحسن تدرجيا ولكن اثناء الحركه كسرة الشرائح والمساميير وتم رفعهم ولم يتم عمل شى اخر وعشت مع الالم حتى عام 2009 وبعد ذالك دخلت مستشفى عين شمس التخصصى وتم التثبيت الفقرات من الفقرة الثانيه الى الخامسه مرة اخرى زلكن قدر الله وما شاء فعل زاد اللم وقلت الحركه واى حركه فيها الم شديد وانا الان تعبان جدا وبعد عهرض الحاله على اساتذة العمود الفقرى كان الرى ان هناك تشوه فى الفقرات وانحناء امامى وضيق فى القناة وانا مش عارف اعمل العمليه مرة ثالثة ام لا افيدونى افادكم الله

  7. Hello Dr. Eldin we have a blog offering information for people suffering from spine conditions and would love to be featured in your blogroll. If we can help your website in any way please let me know.

  8. dear Dr. Mohamed I had low back pain of 3 months duration . I feel it at the sacroiliac area radiated to the hip & comes suddenly with inability to move the leg because of sever pain & releived by rest for few minutes .aggrevated by cough & prologed standing . no fever ,no numbness .i did MRI to the spine & it was normal . i had twin pregnancy 6years ago . please your kind openian thanks.

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful website. The information is so clear and well organized – it has helped me understand much better the spinal problems I am having and giving me some hope in one day finding an answer and getting better. I appreciate very much the time you took to create this.


  10. Prof. I am one of your patients from Nigeria . I have l4-l5 herniated disc and you prescribed some drugs and injections which I went back to Nigeria. You also said if the pain continues you will do minor surgery. I just want tell you that I am still with the pain up till now. Thanks

  11. Salam Dr. Mohi
    I’ve been having two lumps on my thorasic spine for duration of seven years. The lumps do not cause pain when touched but there presence cause severe pain on my spine. I have done several diagnoses ranging from X-rays to MRI and also received several treatments from physiotherapy to oral medications. The pain on my spine makes it difficult for me to sit without leaning on something or bend my neck nor stand for too long. Copies of my MRI and X-ray reports have lost due to relocation. I wish to book an appointment with you inroder to have another MRI and surgery to remove the lumps if need be. Thank you

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