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Minimally Invasive Spine Clinic

The Minimally Invasive Spine (MIS) Clinic offers high quality, effective treatment for patients with a wide variety of spinal conditions, at:

Office: Department of Neurosurgery, Cairo University Hospitals, Kasr El Aini, Cairo, Egypt.

Clinic: Arayes Buildings No.1, Sudan st., at the end of Ahmed Oraby St., Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt.

Telephones: Cell 00201223403690, Clinic 0020233022907

The clinic specializes in all forms of spinal interventions. Our new team of experts uses minimally invasive techniques to give patients the best possible outcomes while making treatment and recovery faster and easier.

Under the direction of accomplished neurosurgeon, Mohamed Mohi Eldin, M.D., our clinic offers world-class care in a highly accessible, local setting. We bring together a specialized team of spine experts, skilled nursing professionals and other health care professionals to successfully manage the entire diagnostic, treatment and recovery process.



Conditions We Treat

Our program offers patients relief from a number of spinal conditions, including:

  • Acute Low Back Pain
  • Chronic Low Back Pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spondylosis and Spondylolisthesis
  • Cervical Herniated Disc
  • Lumbar Herniated Disc
  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
  • Spine Fractures
  • Spinal Tumors


Better Results

Back and spine-related disorders can be debilitating and potentially incapacitating. It is estimated that 70 to 85 percent of all people will suffer from back pain during their lives and some will require surgery to gain relief from pain and improve their quality of life. To better treat back and spinal conditions, our team collaborates to provide patients with a comprehensive array of treatment options using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

Our experienced team of professionals works with patients every step of the way, from pre-intervention classes to detailed follow-up after the procedure.

Besides experiencing improved quality of life after MIS procedures, patients benefit from the most effective, least invasive treatment possible. They are treated on an outpatient basis, or spend less time in the hospital and are able to return quickly to their normal activities.



Techniques and Technology

Our team specializes in the latest minimally invasive treatment options, including:

  • Spinal fusion 
  • Motion sparing procedures 
  • Artificial disc replacement 
  • Spacers
  • Nucleoplasty
  • Spinal Catheterization
  • All forms of spinal Injections
  • Spinal Endoscopy
  • Microsurgical MIS procedures 


Other Services  

As part of the Neurosurgery Healthcare System, the clinic offers patients streamlined access to related programs and services that provide high quality care, education and support, including:


Formal Open Neurosurgical Procedures

Internal Medicine Services contacts

Imaging Facilities contacts with a special lower price for our patients

Physiotherapy Contacts

A Full Administrative Services



More Information for Patients and Families 

Patients are able to make better decisions about their own spine problems by addressing their complaints at our regular MIS clinic. For patient portal, CLICK HERE.



Question: What is the benefit to patients of minimally invasive spine surgery ?


Minimally invasive spine techniques offer the patient of spine disease a “less traumatizing” experience. For most patients this will translate into physical, psychological and cosmetic benefits.

Benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery include:

·         For some patients, the procedure can be performed in an outpatient clinic.

·         Less or no blood loss

·         Smaller or no scars

·         Diminished post-procedure pain

·         Less damage to muscle and skin

·         Faster and easier rehabilitation

·         Quicker return to normal activities



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