Our Approach to Minimally Invasive Fusion

Fusion procedures have really endured a terrible reputation and in many cases rightfully so. In the early 1950s doctors had no way of identifying what was painful and what was not, and most important, where the pain was coming from. Fusions were done fairly indiscriminately and it was just routine to fuse the bottom two levels and hope the pain would go away. Thus fusion got a bad reputation because it was done on a large patient population for which the procedures weren’t designed for in the first place. If the joint doesn’t hurt the patient, then stabilizing the spine it isn’t going to help them.

Now we have MRI scans and can easily determine whether or not someone actually needs a fusion. At Our Spine Clinic we have taken that a step further and have a pain mapping process that identifies the exact source of the pain so we work only on the pain source and don’t fuse something that doesn’t need to be. The Minimally Invasive Spine Clinic performs minimally invasive fusion only as a last resort and with percutaneous techniques with image guidance system without violating the muscle tissues. So no tearing and excess bleeding that leads to a long and painful recovery. The patient will get out of bed the same day and will go home as early as the next day. 


The information contained is neither intended as rendering medical advice nor as a substitute for seeking professional medical assistance. Any individual with specific questions regarding their individual health or treatment options should contact us and schedule an appointment.


5 thoughts on “Minimally Invasive Fusion

  1. I am having problems communicating through your “contact us” buttons.

    I seek an opinion and quote on firstly a lumbar fusion, and secondly a cervical fusion.

  2. I still require an idea of the scope of time and costs, which I will be having done in conjunction with some oral work in one local, of which Cairo is one.MRI’s three and six years earlier show the deterioration as expected from a male of my age, with the prime move being from looking at disc replacements to fusions due to the bone density decline.

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