Minimally Invasive Spinal Approaches:

Epidural Catheterization: For the treatment of lumbar disc bulges

Nucleoplasty For the treatment of contained discs

Epidurography and epiduroscopy under fluoroscopic guidance for the treatment of both recurrent and fresh lumbar discs.

Percutaneous Spacers for the treatment of canal stenosis

Microdiscectomy with interspinous spacers in the treatment of discogenic stenosis

Percutaneous screw fixations of the lumbar spine

Kyphoplasty and vertebroplasty


17 thoughts on “My Operations

  1. hello
    my name is casi von and i live in romania.i have 29 years
    i have a problem wih health and i want know if you can help me
    from last 2 weeks i was paralyzed by leg and hand left ,leg is ok but hand i can not use.
    can you help me ?
    best regards

  2. Hello, this’s Mai from Egypt & I have 28 years old I have Scoliosis condition, I’ve had 2 surgeries & I’ve just had a baby girl & since then I’m not the same. I feel like there is something out of place & I have terrible pain. can u help?

  3. I am from Gaza, Palestinian Authority area, suffering from muscle damages in my spinal cords behind my neck. I was in a car accident 10 years ago. Apparently, I have damages in my spinal cords, which affected my voice, my hands and my legs. I have too much pain in my left hand. I am getting bad every day. Please let me know if you can help me.

  4. Hi Dr.
    My Mom is 63 years old, have 3 brain tumers, internal the brain tissues and can’t be rulled out, the dr. wants to take a sample from the tumer to confirm wither it’s cancer or not but her blood clotting is very week so there is a possibility of internal brain bleeding.

    the report say possibility of primary Glioblastoma, and seedings can’t be ruled out.

    can you suggest what we can do?, and if there any contacts in France or Germany?

  5. Multiple brain tumors in your Mom age usually needs a thorough search for a primary tumour outside the brain at first. Reading of the images is mandatory to take the proper decision.

  6. dear Dr.
    am 33 male have brain arachnoid cyst please doctor you are doing endoscopic fenestration .
    best regard
    Ibrahim Ko

  7. dear doctor , my mam is 58 yrs old she is having an compressed fracture of lumbar vertebra.. doctor in dubai suggested for her to go through vertebroplasty.. is it necessary or it may heal with rest

  8. There are criteria to treat fracture lumbar spine. It may be treated conservatively, minimally invasive or by open surgical intervention. She need to be evaluated clinically & radiologically to know how to proceed.

  9. Dear Professor,

    I hope you are well. I am Ashraf from Cairo and need your advise if possible

    We believe my dear mother is suffering from sciatic caused by a prolapsed lumbar discs. We saw lots of consultants but she is getting worth not better.

    She has been on medication for more than year now but very rarely she can leave the house because her weak and painful leg. She is 67 years we el7mdllah in a good general apart from this.

    Could you please let me know her options without surgery and how you can help us?

    Also, I wanted to ask you about the endoscopic techniques and whether you have used it before?

    Many thanks in advance

  10. Dear prof,I have sister shes 23years old and was operated at her spine in order to remove some tissues for the past 2years now she can walk and can control her urine and stool she always use catatarr and pampers please how can you help us so that we can come to egypt.thanks

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